Jumat, 22 Juli 2011

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Various feature of the revolutionary changes the way we pandng about cell phones. One is the application multy-touch screen(the multy-touch screen) as an interface, even thouch the iphone is not  actually the firts product to do this.                                                                    
IPhone fever peak is reached when the most  anticipate gadget in history and crazy apple released yesterday.                                                                                                                                                             
With this tecnology you can just stretch two fingers to zoom in a picture or a vertical move to roll up the windows of an application.                                                                                   
And is estimated by some analysts, the multi-touch screen interface uini become commonplace in coming years, because many companies will compete with this product. Even now  it is follow by the LG prada. Beside motorola, nokia will launch a touch screen phone launched. In 2006 alone approximately 38 million units of mobile phone , or  4 percent of total mobile phones spread, hass a touchscreen tecnology. In 2012 this figure will rise to 90 million units. Actually the tecnology is not new. Long before the iPhone comes,  Jeff  Han a researcher and developer of  multi screen technology a lot to do demonstrations with the  size of a giant screen. Even the iPhone phenomenon had  infuriated the jdge Jeff  Han Apple stealing ideas. Multi-touch screen technology is the future of multimedia computers. Bill Gates recently demonstrated the product Microsoft Surface Computer. Yes,a coffe table-shaped computer with touch screen computers in carryng out  all the aplications! Computers will be released later this year. No need keyboard let alone a mouse. Touch screen technology innovation started in 1971 by Dr.Samuel C.Hurst. Then developed in the 1980s by the University of Toronto with a multi-touch tablet and Bell Labs with mult-touch screen. How true multri-touch screen the iPhone work? Elektronic devices that use various methods for detecting data input via the touch screen. Most of them use sendor and circuitry to monitor changes in certain parts of the screen. Some utilize touch screen changes the electrical  current resistance. On the other products even take advantage of changes in the reflection of waves, either sound waves or infrared rays shoot.                                                                                                                   Nintendo DS, Palm Treo and the Logitech Harmony Remote Control is the latest example of a product that uses advanced touch screen technology at this time.                                                             
Whenever two conductive object (capable of delivering an electric current) without touching close together, then the interaction of eleectric field will form what is called the capacitance (recistance/capacitance).                                                                                                                                              While the touch screen surface electrode array is formed from a conductive metal. The same properties at your fingertips, and when your finger touches the surface of the screen, then immediately form a capacitance.                                                                                                       There are several types of touch-screen technolo gy, namely Resistive, Surface Wave, Capacitive, Infrared, Stain Gauge, Optical Imaging, Signal Technology Dispersive, Acoustic Pulse Recognition.                                                                                                                            On the PC,software and electronic devices will measure the capacitance translates as position, time lag, the speed of the finger in the shape of the cursor. Or on other devices will react interactively, as if you are directly touching the object in question.                                               
Capacitivve touch screen for excample, using a resis layer of electrical in accordance with the  touch screen area. While in resistive touch scree, press a finger will result in conduction and resistance. And in the internal ciccuit resistive layers will touch each other which ultimately resulted in changes in resistance value.                                                                                                      Anvatage iphone’s touch screen is able to respond to touch and movement simultaneously. For the author, the iphone is the affirmation of the greatness of the multimedia world of interactivity. And in the future someday commomly found in a variety of multimedia devices in the home, business, educationn and entertainment.